Case Studies

Please find below examples of the recent case studies and projects that we have completed. If you have any queries or there is anything at all that you would like to ask us, you can call using the number at the top of the page, or you can use the contact form located here.

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Evaluation Projects

Police Force

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Team and Individual Coaching Intervention on Culture Change

ODRL has recently evaluated a project to examine the impact of team-based and one-to-one coaching at the middle management level in bringing about culture change in one of the leading police forces in the country.

Local Authority

Evaluation of Transition Support Provided to Managers during a Change Process

The focus of the change was to rebuild the organisation, develop capacity and design an organisation that is high performing. The evaluation of the Transition Support provided to middle managers entailed one-to-one interviews, focus groups and process mapping to assess the effectiveness of implementation strategies used as part of the change programme.

Staffing Review

International Development

This review was commissioned to provide an independent assessment of appropriate organisation structure, allocation of roles and responsibilities and accurate staffing levels to deliver the organisation’s programme to Uganda in the most effective and efficient manner. The process entailed in-depth understanding of the internal and external contexts, benchmarking and exploring the key gaps in the organisation. The review resulted in a detailed report with a set of recommendations for implementing changes.

Government Department, Middle East

Organisation Review and HRM Implementation

The aim of the project was to streamline various functions within the organisation in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. The project involved conducting a strategic review of the current structure, processes and deployment of skills within the organisation, to evaluate the extent to which the organisation is in a position to achieve the goals of the organisation and provide recommendations fro improvements.

Example Projects