Our programmes apply an Organisation Development (OD) approach – a systemic process that guides organisations through changes that result in enhanced performance.

Our top team workshops help align your strategy, structure, culture and leadership behaviours of your organisation within rapidly changing, complex and uncertain contexts, with the use of change management techniques. The engagement of people at all levels of the organisation is central to the design and delivery of our OD activities. Click the sections below to find out more about our areas of work.

Organizational ‘Big bang’ changes can often be often seen as initiatives. Real change happens when people engage in open discussions about their ideas and aspirations, and where these are supported by practical actions for continuous improvement and sustainable change.

Using our experience and extensive case study research, we offer a 5-Step Sustainable Change Framework© ODRL; a systems-wide approach to guide change leaders and agents to implement change effectively.

ODRL offers the following services to our clients:

  • Licensed training programme using the 5-Step Sustainable Change Framework© ODRL for internal change leaders and agents
  • Implementing Sustainable Change
  • Large-scale OD Conferences
  • Appreciative Inquiry Summits
  • Toolkit for Change Management

The link between organisation culture and performance is firmly established in the research on organisation change and corporate strategy, and in case studies on high performing organisations.

The experiences of organisations that have successfully achieved high performance using change interventions such as, Systemic Change, Total Quality Management and Lean Working in achieving high performance show the need to build aligned cultures that enhance organisation effectiveness at all levels.

From extensive evidence it is clear that organisational cultures not only influence the values, attitudes and behaviours of employees, but helps or inhibits the organisation’s capacity to achieve bottom line results, performance and other benefits of change.

Culture influences key aspects of performance such as people management, innovation, customer focus, adaptability to change and organisational learning. There is a strong correlation between a positive organisational culture and having an engaged and satisfied workforce.

A key learning point from high performing organisations is their drive to achieve exemplary results and have in place a positive and enabling culture; having one or the other is neither adequate nor valued by such organisations.

ODRL’s approach to supporting organisations in the culture change journey includes the following:

  • Visualising the ideal culture
  • Discovering the current culture
  • Developing the hallmarks of the desired culture
  • Identifying what aspects need to change
  • Developing practical actions for change
  • Implementing culture change actions
  • Monitoring progress

ODRL offers well-developed methodologies for diagnosing organisation culture and determining its alignment to the context and strategy. The Organisational Strengths Profile (OSP©ODRL), is a comprehensive tool designed to develop the organisation cultural profile.

Key benefits of OSP©ODRL

  • Provides both a snapshot and detailed information about the ‘current’ culture, to include working practices, leadership styles, people development/management, and performance
  • Provides solid baseline data for comparisons at a future date
  • Discovers detailed information of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Provides a platform to prioritise interventions and set up a pragmatic process of culture change
  • Seeks contributions from all levels, as part of a successful inclusive process
  • Incorporates an in-built evaluation process

The baseline profile enables us to provide organisations with a tangible action plan to bring about and sustain the desired culture. Our action plans have clear outcome measures; we support the progress of culture change by conducting quality reviews on a continuous basis. The OSP©ODRL can be administered regularly to develop the evidence base of culture change over time.

We offer the following services:

  • Baseline profiles of current and desired culture
  • Culture change strategy and plan of action
  • Design and delivery of training programmes on culture change for internal change leaders and agents
  • Robust action plans to drive and sustain the desired culture
  • Implementation support to embed and reinforce the desired culture

Building and sustaining resilience is the bedrock of high performing organisations. Our approach to creating resilient organisations focuses on embedding a culture and climate that enables people to grow, innovate, self-sustain and achieve results.

Our Resilience Profiler (RPro©ODRL) assesses change readiness at the individual and organisational levels. The baseline profile enables individuals to assess their change readiness and the actions that they may need to take to enhance their skills and competencies. The organisational level baseline profile provides a sound basis for developing action plans that will help to enhance resilience at the corporate level, resulting in improved organisational performance.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Identify organisational resilience profile
  • Review and monitor organisational resilience
  • Training to build and sustain organisational resilience

Organisational Reviews define an organisation’s current situation before it embarks on a change programme. They are also useful for taking stock of the impact of transformational change, restructuring or redesign or downsizing on people and performance.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Organisational re-alignment
  • Human Resource Reviews
  • Departmental/Divisional/Organisational Reviews
  • Organisational Analysis, using a range of suitable methodologies
  • Staffing Reviews

Evaluation studies at the organisational level provide insights into the mechanisms that help transfer learning in the workplace and help determine performance improvements gained from implementing specific initiatives.

Evaluation studies also help to explain variations between different operational and organisational contexts as well as assessing the level of success in realising the programme’s outcomes and impact. It is important for the success of the evaluation programmes that differential impacts are recorded and reported.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Baseline surveys to benchmark improvements
  • Validity studies
  • Evaluation of Talent Management Programmes
  • Evaluation of change programmes
  • Evaluation of learning programmes
  • Evaluation of organisational effectiveness