ODRL offers a range of online diagnostic tools to identify baseline profiles at the individual, team and organisational levels.


360-Degree Feedback Surveys

Our 360-Degree feedback tools measure key leadership and managerial competencies and provide a detailed feedback report and action plan.

360-Degree surveys can be customised for your organisation or, where there is no need to measure specific competencies, our standard 360-Degree Feedback survey evaluates generic competencies applicable to all managerial/leadership positions. Further, our Talent 360-Degree Survey is specifically designed to support talent assessment and development processes.

Our unique system allows you to conduct 360-degree feedback evaluations that permit respondents to complete multiple questionnaires in a single session. This streamlines the feedback process allowing rapid collection of the data to generate the detailed feedback and action plans.

Options for 360-Degree Feedback Surveys

  • Customised Competency-based 360-Degree Feedback Surveys
  • Off-the-Shelf 360-Degree Feedback Survey
  • Talent 360-Degree Survey

We can offer a number of tools to enable you to bring about sustainable culture change.

Cultural Profile: Organisational Strengths Profile (OSP©ODRL): The OSP©ODRL is a well-researched and comprehensive tool to engage with staff, develop a baseline profile of the current/desired culture, identify relative strengths and areas and develop practical action plans to implement evidence-based culture change. Key features of the survey tool are as follows:

  • Provides both a snapshot and detailed information about the ‘current’ issues to include working practices, leadership styles, people development/management, performance and partnerships
  • Provides baseline data to make valid comparisons at a future date:
  • Where are we now? – Where do we want to be in the future?
  • Elicits rich quantitative and qualitative information of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Provides a platform to prioritise interventions and set up a pragmatic process of change
  • Requires contributions from all levels thus making it an inclusive process
  • Incorporates an in-built evaluation process

Resilience Profiler: ODRL has developed the RPro©ODRL based on an extensive study carried out over a four-year period. Its main purpose is to assess the change readiness at the individual level. On completing the RPro©ODRL, Individuals receive a detailed profile of their strengths and areas to develop in the specific context of change management.

Team Climate Survey: This tool is specifically designed to support team leaders to build and sustain a positive team climate for continued effectiveness.

This survey identifies a leadership profile and provides a ‘gap analyses of perceptions of leadership and followers along nine dimensions thereby helping to identify leadership skills required to address the gaps.

Based on our research on the key drivers of employee engagement, organisation citizenship behaviours, commitment and contextual factors that enhance/impede employee engagement, this survey enables organisations to measure employee engagement on a regular basis. The data from the survey provides a sound basis to develop action plans and agile implementation processes to continually enhance employee engagement.

We offer a range of psychometric tools for selection and development of staff at all levels. Examples are as follows:

Personality Questionnaires

Ability/Aptitude Tests Motives and Values


Personality Questionnaire

16 Personality Factor

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Steps I & II

Situational Judgement Tests

Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning Tests

Critical Thinking Test

Motivational Styles Questionnaire

FIRO-B – Interpersonal Styles

Strong Careers Inventory