ODRL offers a range of assessment solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We also offer assessment services in multiple languages supported by our team of assessors.

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Based on our vast experience of designing and delivering bespoke Assessment and Development Centres for large complex and international organisations, we can help clients to meet their current and future talent needs.

The design principles of Assessment/Development Centres are based on an in-depth understanding of the critical elements of a given role, use of diverse activities/exercises and multiple observers/assessors to minimise sources of bias in evaluating individual performance.

Assessment/Development Centres provide valid and reliable data for making informed decisions to identify individuals for the current and future needs of the organisation. Findings of Assessment/ Development Centres can be used in selection, succession planning, reassignments and promotions.

Key Features of Assessment and Development Solutions

  • Design of Exercises (e.g., case studies, group discussion, presentations, role plays)
  • Delivery of Assessment/Development Centres
  • Behavioural Event Interviews
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • 360 Reports and Feedback
  • One-to-One Feedback
  • Synthesised Assessment Reports
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Building on our vast experience of assessment, we have developed a methodology that captures rich data on candidates’ suitability for a given role and organisation in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Key Features of Agile Selection

  • This process requires no more than an hour-long in-depth discussion with one of our highly experienced psychologists. It has proven popular with diverse organisations, covering both the commercial and ‘not for profit’ sectors.
  • Clients receive a tailored and succinct report indicating candidates’ strengths, areas for development, hiring recommendation and, if required, a set of questions for the internal panel members for further probing.
  • You can reduce your cost of selection by up to 75%; in our experience, this is the most efficient and value-added way of helping our clients to make accurate selection decisions.

We offer in-depth and holistic assessment service for senior leadership roles or talent pools.

Key Features One-to-One Executive Assessment Service

  • Assessment process is designed to match the specific needs of clients using appropriates methods such as tests, exercises and interviews
  • A detailed assessment report identifying strengths, development needs and likely success sin the role
  • Feedback to the internal panel if required
  • Individual feedback to candidates
  • Coaching to support individual development planning as indicated in the assessment report

For our global clients we offer time and cost-effective virtual assessment solutions. Through our  platform we can package assessment tools to meet the provides specific assessment requirements of roles to include psychometric tests, simulation exercises and role plays.

Key Features of Virtual Assessments

  • Our assessment platform offers clients a menu of assessment tools and exercises to select from
  • Candidates are able to access the required tools and exercise through a streamlined process
  • Assessment processes are standardised to ensure validity and reliability
  • Turnaround time for an in-depth assessment is two hours
  • Follow-up brief reports delivered on the same day
  • Detailed assessment reports delivered the next day

ODRL provides bespoke and licensed training programmes to in-house staff involved in assessing candidates. The overarching aim of the Assessor Training Programme is to enhance the skills and competencies of assessors to ensure that the assessment processes are motivating for candidates and result in fair and objective selection of high calibre staff.

  • Pre-Workshop Learning
    • In discussion with our clients, we put together the learning materials and reference materials for the assessors for self-learning in advance of the face-to-face workshop. The pre-workshop materials are provided at least a week in advance.
  • Face-to-Face Learning
    • The face-to-face workshops provide experiential learning opportunities. Assessors immerse themselves in assessment exercises, such as role plays, group discussions and case studies. During the workshop, we run the assessment exercises live; assessors practise the process of observing, recording, classifying and evaluating competencies. Evaluations are reviewed to identify inter-rater reliability and, if required, strategies to enhance consistency of evaluations are put into place.  Behavioural indicators are further refined to ensure that there is a shared understanding among assessors of excellence/average/poor performance in a given exercise.
  • Post Workshop Learning
    • One-to-One and Peer Coaching: Subsequent to the group workshop, assessors receive further one-to-one coaching from the lead facilitator to refine their skills and clarify issues. In our experience, setting up peer coaching sessions helps to reinforce the learning further.
    • Regular Top-Up Training for Assessors: It is important to maintain the highest quality of assessments through changes in assessment procedures/exercises, addressing issues experienced by the assessors and building in learning. Top-up training is provided to the assessors on a regular basis.