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  • ODRL has designed and delivered a range of Leadership Talent Assessment and Development Centres for large complex organisations located globally. Assessment processes are designed by conducting in-depth research into the context, current and desired culture and leadership behaviours that build and sustain excellence. ...[more]
    Building on our vast experience of assessments, we have developed a methodology that captures rich data of candidates’ suitability for a given role and organisation in a time and cost efficient manner. This process requires no more than an hour-long in-depth discussion with one of our highly experienced ...[more]
  • Case Study

    Our work with one of the top performing Constabularies in England and Wales is another example of a successful application of our approach to sustainable culture change. Taking into account the achievements of the organisation it was clear that there was significant drive and energy among the people to deliver ...[more]
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    Organisational Development & Research Ltd (ODRL)

    Is your organisation aspiring to:

    • Build resilience to thrive in tough economic conditions?
    • Transform to deal with growing demands?
    • Implement its strategy in a more compelling manner?
    • We support organisations to translate strategy into practical actions by designing and implementing  relevant programmes that help to enhance resilience and capacity to deliver excellent results
    • Through the application of skills and knowledge of Organisational Psychology, Change Management and Human Resource Management we contribute to the success of people, teams and organisations thereby enabling us to leave legacy benefits to our clients 
    • We design and implement relevant programmes/processes by developing a deep understanding of the culture and context of the organisation. Our techniques are based on innovative research thereby providing sound solutions to our clients

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