Our work with one of the top performing Constabularies in England and Wales is another example of a successful application of our approach to sustainable culture change. Taking into account the achievements of the organisation it was clear that there was significant drive and energy among the people to deliver to high standards. With its positioning already defined nationally, the focus of the change was to build an organisation that is able to sustain its position regardless of the vagaries of the external environment and the challenges and demands encountered on an everyday basis. This undoubtedly raised the challenge of sustainability and the excitement of creating a culture where ‘excellence is not an act, it is a habit’. The Constabulary embarked upon the culture change journey with our support. The key driver for this was the relentless desire to provide services that meet and exceed the needs of the citizens in an ever more demanding, changing and challenging external context.

We have comprehensive evidence of positive changes in the culture and succinct comparative profiles of the Constabulary that depict its readiness to stretch its boundaries further.

If you are about to embark upon a change programme we will be pleased to discuss with you ways of implementing change that is sustainable, invigorating and cost-effective.

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