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The overarching aim of this project was: To build and sustain a lean, flexible and resilient organisation that would thrive on continuous change; Achieve sustained high performance against a backdrop of financial constraints; Align itself with the strategic shift from being a reactive provider of ...[more]
Are you seeking to develop your career further? Are you in the midst of career change? Would you like to enhance your managerial and leadership skills and acumen for greater impact? ODRL has been offering virtual coaching services to senior and middle managers for a number of our corporate clients ...[more]
ODRL has just completed a study consisting of six police forces to identify and compare common cultural patterns that help/get in the way of effectiveness. This research is part of our ongoing interest in developing and sustaining organisational resilience to enhance responsiveness, flexibility and staff engagement ...[more]
There is no doubt that in the current economic climate we will continue to hear stories of thousands of layoffs. The ripple effect of the impact of the financial crisis on a whole range of other sectors cannot be underestimated.   However, there is ample evidence to suggest that reactive downsizing ...[more]
Based on our extensive work with multi-sectoral organisations we have developed a methodology to identify culture change strategies aligned to the strategic priorities of the organisation and the external context. A central part of the culture change strategy is to develop a tangible culture change framework ...[more]
The OSP©ODRL is a comprehensive tool designed to identify a tangible cultural baseline profile of the organisation. We have applied the OSP©ODRL in a number of public sector organisations and international development organisations to support transformational change programmes. The baseline profile ...[more]

Case Study

We have just completed a two-year Executive Coaching Programme with a humanitarian aid organisation located globally. Approximately 100 senior and middle managers participated in the programme since its launch in February 2010. Participants reported a range of positive outcomes in the areas of people management, ...[more]
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