In previous posts we have discussed various ways in which you may wish to use 360-degree feedback in your organization. Here we want to highlight the value of using 360-degree feedback surveys across an organization.  

The findings from organization-wide 360-degree feedback identify existing strengths and areas for development at all levels. This information can help to craft an effective learning and development strategy by targeting the areas that would generate maximum return on investment for the organisation as well as the individual staff member. .  

Further, the findings can also be used as one of the ways of discovering high potential individuals who might be considered for promotion or included into an existing talent pool. In addition, organisation wide 360-degree feedback might identify individuals/teams in need of specific training to perform effectively in their current roles/functions.  

In the context of culture change/transformational change, data from organization-wide 360-Degree feedback can help develop an understanding of the behaviours that support, or get in the way, of building and sustaining the desired organizational culture. Specific actions can be implemented to facilitate culture change.  

When 360-degree feedback processes are used only in certain roles in the organization, (e.g., senior management) the individual participants benefit from the rich feedback received from colleagues, and from any follow-up debriefing/coaching sessions.   

Similarly, where 360-degree feedback is conducted in specific departments, initiated and led by managers, the resulting benefits and positive changes are limited to specific functional areas.  In both cases there is little opportunity to influence change across the organization; any benefits are likely to remain localized. 

To successfully implement an organization-wide 360-Degree process, it is vital to have top leadership support and proactive communication with employees explaining the rationale and the expected benefits.   

If you have any questions about using 360-degree feedback in your organisation, please get in touch. ODRL can help you assess and build development strategies for you. To discuss this please contact Dr. Kay Sahdev.