1. Are you seeking to develop your career further?
  2. Are you in the midst of career change?
  3. Would you like to enhance your managerial and leadership skills and acumen for greater impact?

ODRL has been offering virtual coaching services to senior and middle managers for several of our clients located globally. To date, over 800 participants have benefitted from this service resulting in improved career prospects, capacity to handle transitions effectively and enhanced leadership/managerial skills.  We have now opened this service to individual managers and professionals based anywhere in the world seeking independent coaching services.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional partnering relationship designed to enhance the process of continuous learning, effectiveness and fulfilment among participants. The process of coaching enables an individual to unlock his/her potential to maximise performance, satisfaction and goal achievement. The cornerstones of coaching are:

  1. Agenda driven by the Participant
  2. Clarity of goals and results
  3. Supported by clear standards of conduct between the Coach and the Participant

How does the ‘One-to-One Virtual Coaching Service Work?’

  1. Is tailored to suit the needs of the individual, hence helps to enhance work-related performance and impact expeditiously
  2. Helps to heighten self-awareness by clarifying personal strengths and development needs thus improving performance and impact
  3. Provides opportunities to sound out ideas/thoughts about current role and possibilities for the future with a view to making definitive decisions

Benefits of Coaching

  1. Contact us on: enquiries@odrl.org or ks@odrl.org; ODRL will respond to you within 48 hours to assign a Coach, send you the Coaching Services Agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the service for you to complete and provide you with further details about coaching
  2. The Coach will contact you by email to describe the coaching process and its boundaries; he/she will also arrange a date with you to have the first coaching discussion.
  3. On completion of the sessions, you will be provided with a brief report of next steps along with a personal development plan for sustaining the learning

Our Coaches are

  • Highly experienced and grounded in understanding the everyday realities of organisational life having worked at senior levels in organisations
  • Professionally trained in the disciplines of organisational psychology, adult learning and people management and development
  • Certified with leading edge institutions with strong educational qualifications
  • Well-versed in developing open and trusting working relationships with participants thereby enhancing coaching outcomes
  • Responsive in pre-empting and meeting the needs of the participants
  • Challenging to enable participants to try new ideas/ways of working
  • Diverse in their backgrounds, styles and experience to enable participants to make suitable choices
  • Fluent in the English, French and Spanish
  • Located globally to respond to the geographic time zones of our clients