International Development Organisations; Police Forces, Financial Services, Automotive Industry: Change Management Training

  • Using our 5-Step Sustainable Change Model designed and delivered change management training programmes for change leaders and agents

  • Provided coaching and action learning support

  • Enabled development of skills and internal capacity to sustain the change

Police Forces; Local Government; International Development Organisations: Staff Engagement Studies

  • Systematic approach to culture-change to develop and implement the ‘Communities First’ imperative

  • Designed and facilitated staff engagement processes to identify the current and desired culture

  • Facilitated action planning and implemented a methodology resulting in positive shift towards the desired culture

Financial Services; Police Forces; Local Authority: Culture Change and Change Management

  • Designed and implemented a methodology for culture analysis

  • Designed and facilitated a series of focus groups with managers and staff as part of the staff engagement process; conducted culture diagnostic surveys

  • Resulted in positive culture change as evidenced by longitudinal studies

International Development Organisations: Culture Change Strategy and Plan of Action

  • Formulated the culture change strategy, culture change framework and implementation plan

  • Facilitated the action planning process with senior management

  • Provided guidance to implement transformational change with a specific focus on culture change

Government Department; Humanitarian Organisation: Organisation Alignment

  • Systematic Analysis of structure, roles and processes

  • In-depth data through staff engagement and activity analysis

  • Developed innovative proposals for enhancing the structure and quality of roles

Humanitarian Assistance: Workforce Planning and Staffing Review

  • Developed a workforce planning strategy and plan of action

  • Conducted a staffing review to re-align roles and responsibilities with the strategic priorities and changing culture

  • Provided recommendations for change and ways of implementing relevant actions