Automotive Industry, Insurance, International Development Organisations: Change Management Skills

  • Designed and facilitated an in-depth workshop for change agents and change leaders

  • Aligned to the capacity building process for national counterparts

  • Designed and facilitated workshops to develop the culture change strategy and plan of action

  • Resulted in embedding a structured methodology to design and implement change

Investment Banking, Health Service: Promoting Diversity by Addressing Harassment, Bullying and Abuse

  • Designed and delivered an innovative national programme for staff at all levels

  • Applied the Forum Theatre approach to bring about behavioural change

  • Resulted in significant positive behavioural change as evidenced by staff survey results

Police Forces: Change Management and Culture Change

  • Designed and delivered top team workshops to set the vision for change

  • Designed and facilitated a series of workshops for change leaders and agents on tools and techniques for change

  • Resulted in evidenced-based positive shift in culture based on longitudinal studies

International Development, Local Government: Cross-Cultural Working

  • Designed and delivered cross-cultural management, teamworking and communication workshops

  • Designed and delivered diversity workshops for staff, middle and senior managers

  • Resulted in developing a culture of openness and improved team climate

Insurance, Telecommunications, Local Government: Career Transition Workshops

  • Designed and facilitated career transition workshops for middle/senior managers whose roles and responsibilities were changed significantly

  • Provided one-to-one coaching to support career transitions of middle/senior managers

  • Resulted in over 75% success in career transitions

International Academic Institution: Leadership Development Programme

  • Designed and facilitated workshops for senior managers

  • Key areas: Strategic Thinking, Personal Development, Performance Management

  • Resulted in a shared understanding of key areas for leadership effectiveness

Local Government: Skills Building Workshops

  • Designed and delivered a series of Competency-Based Selection, Presentation Skills, Recruitment & Selection workshops

  • Offered to managers as part of wider organisation change

  • Resulted in enhancing skills and capacity of senior managers to manage change effectively