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ODRL has designed and delivered a range of Leadership Talent Assessment and Development Centres for large complex organisations located globally. Assessment processes are designed by conducting in-depth research into the context, current and desired culture and leadership behaviours that build and sustain excellence. ...[more]
Building on our vast experience of assessments, we have developed a methodology that captures rich data of candidates’ suitability for a given role and organisation in a time and cost efficient manner. This process requires no more than an hour-long in-depth discussion with one of our highly experienced ...[more]
If you feel that Assessment Centres are time and resource intensive, try our virtual assessment techniques. You will experience all the benefits of high quality Assessment Centres delivered smartly by leveraging on technology and at the same time maintaining the human input. We can provide simulations, in-trays, ...[more]
The overarching aim of this project was: To build and sustain a lean, flexible and resilient organisation that would thrive on continuous change; Achieve sustained high performance against a backdrop of financial constraints; Align itself with the strategic shift from being a reactive provider of ...[more]
Are you seeking to develop your career further? Are you in the midst of career change? Would you like to enhance your managerial and leadership skills and acumen for greater impact? ODRL has been offering virtual coaching services to senior and middle managers for a number of our corporate clients ...[more]

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About Us

Our Purpose

  • Building and Nurturing Resilience for High Performance
  • Inspiring and Delivering Excellence at Work 

ODRL is a dynamic consultancy firm offering leading edge and evidence-based services to enhance organisation effectiveness and performance. We design and implement relevant programmes/processes by developing a deep understanding of the culture and context of the organisation.

Our techniques are based on in-depth research; it is through the application of the skills and knowledge of Organisational Psychology, Change Management and Human Resource Management that we see ourselves contributing to the success of people, teams and organisations. We believe that meaningful work contributes positively to the well-being of individuals and societies; in delivering our services we make every effort to enable people to extend their boundaries and harness their potential more fully.

We are results-focused; we believe that to sustain high levels of performance it is essential to have the right values, behaviours and attitudes and a focus on the bottom line. Prior to commencing our work we agree clear goals, outcomes and success measures with our clients. We have an in-built process of evaluating our programmes to assess the impact of interventions on individual, team and organisation effectiveness.

We work with public, private and international development sectors in the following areas:

  • Organisation Development
  • Sustainable Change Management
  • Team-Based Working
  • Learning & Development
  • Talent Management
  • Surveys and Diagnostics

Kusum leads a team of highly experienced consultants in the areas of Organisational Psychology, Change Management and Human Resource Management

We build robust partnerships with our clients and develop internal capacity at the earliest feasible stage of the project.

In delivering our services we apply strengths-based approaches to achieve high performance.

We are driven by learning and innovation; our interventions have in-built evaluation processes for developing the evidence-base of the impact of our work

Belief in Human Potential
We are passionate about creating resilient organisations that enable people to grow and self-sustain.

Respect for Diversity
We appreciate and celebrate diversity of human talent in enhancing organisation effectiveness.

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